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Saturday, December 5, 2009

~Your Child's 1st Step~

It’s often said that when children learn to walk parents forget how to sit. This may well be true in the sense that as children develop their independence (and speed!) it takes a lot more energy for parents to look after them. Adequately safety proofing the house will go a long way towards keeping them safe, including:

  • Installing baby gates on all stairs and the entrance to the kitchen.
  • Cushioning sharp furniture edges.
  • Putting up a fire grate in front of any open fireplaces.
  • Gating open water areas such as an in-ground pool.

A child’s first steps are a joy for any parent to behold, but they should not be forced on a child by inpatient parents. Instead, parents should enjoy their child’s development and delight with their child when developmental milestones such as first steps are attained.

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