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Saturday, December 5, 2009

~Guiding Your Active Baby~

At the age of six months, your baby is more active than in past months. Because she gets around more, it's a good idea to make your home safe for your baby.

  • Put all cleaning supplies, medicines, poisons and sharp objects where your baby can't get to them. Be sure that everyone who cares for your baby knows how to keep her safe.
  • Sometimes she will reach for things she shouldn't. She may pull at necklaces or glasses. She may try to eat a piece of paper. A baby this young does not need to be punished. She is exploring her world. You need to gently control what she does so she will be safe. She will also know that you are in charge. Be with your baby as she explores her world.
  • At this age, your baby is not doing things to upset you on purpose. She learns by trying new things. She doesn't know the limits. She needs you to show her what is okay and what is not okay for her to do. She needs you to show her in a loving way.
  • Always check on your baby when she cries to be sure that she is okay. Never leave her alone. Always watch your baby's activities. Praise her and hug her when she is doing things you like.
  • Let her know when she is doing something you don't want her to do. If she starts to yank out an electrical cord, or if she spills out the contents of a purse, speak to her in a warm but firm voice. You don't need to raise your voice. Gently take her hand away and give her a toy.
  • Maybe she'll be too close to the hot stove. Maybe she'll try to grab something that could break. Gently pick her up and move her away from the thing she shouldn't touch.

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