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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dah sekian lame x update blog...malas kerr?? agak la takde mood sgt nk mnghadap pc kat umah n weekend takde kat umah. Last month 3 mnggu brturut2 jln je..takde la pigi jauh2 tp ade program2 trtntu..mule cuti2 mandi mande @ pd then g kl for my cousin' s wedding n pastu g melaka cuti2 mesia wif my family w/out papa n along....n stiap mggu tu gak pasti melencong ke kl...seronok dpt jln2 tp penat la every weekend travel..takde mse nk kemas rmah n bt itu ini yg ptut...dah..dis month rehat2 santai je kat month plka jln2 klo ade rezki..hopefully..

Entry nie dh lame create tp x nyempat nk post..hehe n kbtulan skang dh ade skit2 mood so trus post la klo x peram lg lame kat cni...

Now..aisy dah msuk 1 year 2 months...mcm2 ragamnye yg mncuit hati ibu n baba tp yg pastinye lbh snang handle coz dh pndai main sndri tnpe ibu or baba tmankn..dh pndai tgk movie smpai brjam2...pndai wat lawak or gaye2 trtntu klo ibu or baba marah die..konon2 nk bg ibu n baba ketawe la n lupekn kemarahan tue...oohhh no no no....marah ttap marah tau..hehe...n mcm2 lg...

Pics kat bwh tue mse die 2 mths ago..die dn ragamnye
...skang rser brsalah je klo wiken pg n ptg x bwk die g playground sbb die sgt suke outdoor..x kisah la playground mne Penat sgt bwk g jln2 @ shopping complex...dah x mo duk dlm stroller lg tp nak tolak ktorg bo layan..bior je die mnjerit jap pehtu nnt ok klo ktorg benti satu2 tmpat nak tgk ape2 konpom nangis nak turun..trpkse la turunkn klo x malu org tgk mak bapak nye bior anak die menangis tp sbnrnye maleh nk ikutkn sgt kehendak die..smpaikn mser ktorg tgk brg kat 1 tmpat tue salesman tue ckp “bdak2 mcm nie la..blm bleh jln kter x sabar nak suh die jln tp ble dah jln x sabar nak tggu die ckp nnt dah pndai ckp tgk la camne..”…huhuhuhu…tp yg plg x tahan nk layan mse msuk Toy r us…mcm2 die nak amik..penat wwoooo tp nsb bek gak la coz dlm tue ade playhouse kan so die leh men kat ctu ngan kids yg len.

Tyre...the most attractive thing...
tak kire la tyre pe pn...

Wif his Nek Ma...

Favourite food...

@playground...hepi sgt la dpt main2

Petik jari ble dgr music...

Bile dibiarkn mkn sndri...

~Your Baby's Developing Brain~

Each brain, like each child, is unique. Here are some findings by researchers that may help you with developing your baby's brain:

  • Your baby may make sounds such as "ba," "ma" and "ga." Sometimes parents think these sounds mean more than they do. Wait. Soon your baby will attach a meaning to the sounds she makes.
  • Talk to your baby often. This will help her learn to use sounds.
  • Being in a safe and loving place helps your baby to learn. Toys bought in stores are not needed. Playing with pots and pans can be just as much fun. Playing with simple things is just as good for your baby's development.
  • Praising your baby's good behavior is good for both of you. Show her that you like the way she is acting. This will help her do more things you like.
  • When you take her to new places, your baby will want to reach for new objects that she sees. She is not trying to misbehave. Plan ahead and bring a favorite toy when you go out with her.

~Your Child's 1st Step~

It’s often said that when children learn to walk parents forget how to sit. This may well be true in the sense that as children develop their independence (and speed!) it takes a lot more energy for parents to look after them. Adequately safety proofing the house will go a long way towards keeping them safe, including:

  • Installing baby gates on all stairs and the entrance to the kitchen.
  • Cushioning sharp furniture edges.
  • Putting up a fire grate in front of any open fireplaces.
  • Gating open water areas such as an in-ground pool.

A child’s first steps are a joy for any parent to behold, but they should not be forced on a child by inpatient parents. Instead, parents should enjoy their child’s development and delight with their child when developmental milestones such as first steps are attained.

~Tips For Handling Hyperactive Children~

Active toddlers can be quite a handful at times. It is not at all possible for children sit quietly all the time. In fact, most of the babies are hyperactive in the initial years.

  • They are also very curious and try to poke their noses at the most unexpected places in your home.

  • They try to explore new things every now and then and in the process, get hurt easily, even in the most baby-proofed homes too.

  • They are so enthusiastic to learn about everything and have such a short attention span that they cannot just help but explore as much as they can.

However, hyperactive kids need to be controlled better, not only to keep them out of danger, but also in order to increase their concentration power. In the following lines, we have provided a few tips that will help you know how to make your active toddlers sit still for longer periods.

Tips For Handling Hyperactive Children

  • Reading a story is one of the best methods to keep your baby engaged. Doing this will not only help you increase his/her attention span, but also enhance his/her imagination power.
  • Talking is another method that can keep your baby mesmerized for hours at a stretch. Whenever you baby is awake, try to talk to him/her as much as you can, even when you are working alongside.
  • Hide some of the toys of your child or change their position. Now, encourage him/her to find new ways of playing with the rest of the toys or the newly arranged toys. This will keep him/her busy and also increase his thinking power.
  • Forbidden territories always tend to make babies more curious. So, it is advisable not to stop them from going anywhere. If they want to make mess in the kitchen, put them in a tub with lots of whipped cream to play with and enjoy. You can also catch some funny and naughty photographs of your child at this time.
  • Playing interactive games with parents are thoroughly enjoyable and preferable for most babies. Such games keep them busy and also increase their bonding with parents.
  • Put the baby in a swing or carrier seat and give him/her some safe toys to play with. This will keep him/her busy for quite sometime.
  • Involve your child in art or craft activities. It is a good method to build up his/her attention span, as he/she will be giving undivided time and attention to the work.
  • Find out the areas in which your child has interest and encourage him/her to indulge in those activities. It could be anything like drawing, building models, sewing and even coloring.
  • Another way to increase your child's attention is through giving him/her some responsibility. Ask your daughter to help you in arranging things and your son to fetch some items for you, while you are cooking in the kitchen.
  • Having a pet can help curb the hyperactivity of many children. Along with that, it will also make them more loving, responsible and proud of themselves.
Assign your children some tasks on a daily basis and make sure to appreciate and praise them when they do the work correctly.

~Guiding Your Active Baby~

At the age of six months, your baby is more active than in past months. Because she gets around more, it's a good idea to make your home safe for your baby.

  • Put all cleaning supplies, medicines, poisons and sharp objects where your baby can't get to them. Be sure that everyone who cares for your baby knows how to keep her safe.
  • Sometimes she will reach for things she shouldn't. She may pull at necklaces or glasses. She may try to eat a piece of paper. A baby this young does not need to be punished. She is exploring her world. You need to gently control what she does so she will be safe. She will also know that you are in charge. Be with your baby as she explores her world.
  • At this age, your baby is not doing things to upset you on purpose. She learns by trying new things. She doesn't know the limits. She needs you to show her what is okay and what is not okay for her to do. She needs you to show her in a loving way.
  • Always check on your baby when she cries to be sure that she is okay. Never leave her alone. Always watch your baby's activities. Praise her and hug her when she is doing things you like.
  • Let her know when she is doing something you don't want her to do. If she starts to yank out an electrical cord, or if she spills out the contents of a purse, speak to her in a warm but firm voice. You don't need to raise your voice. Gently take her hand away and give her a toy.
  • Maybe she'll be too close to the hot stove. Maybe she'll try to grab something that could break. Gently pick her up and move her away from the thing she shouldn't touch.

Amalam Melembutkan Hati Anak-Anak

Mungkin ramai dah yg tahu tp saje nak share lg to mommy n mommy to be tuk diamalkn dn kongsikan bersama for our childrens akn dtg iaitu amalan untuk melembutkan hati anak-anak.

1. Bacalah surah Thoohaa ayat 1 hingga 5

o Caranya:
Bacalah ayat di atas semasa anak kita tidur. Hembuskan perlahan-lahan ke dalam hidung semasa anak menarik nafas dalam lena. Ulanginya beberapa kali @ seberapa mampu.

2. Bacalah surah Al-Hash ayat 21 hingga 24

o Caranya:
Baca dan tiupkan pada ubun-ubun anak kita sambil berdoa semoga anak-anak kita dilembutkan hati.

~Tawa dalam Tangisan ~

Dlm kehepian tue ader plak kesedihan…huhu sedeynye…my hp lost..x th katne…klo x silap rser trcicir mser tgk wayang…cr pnye cr siap baba kaco org ngah tgk wayang tp x jmpe lg…Yerla klo hp nie je pantang org nmpak msti takkn jmpe blk nye...Tp aku penah ade kes camni mser kat U dlu…lost hp 2 hr n jmpe blk coz org yg jmpe tue kwn my sis n mmg kenal…rezki mser tue kan. Takpela nak wat camne dah xde rezki…skrg rser dah xde mood je nak pakai hp lg….huhu tp trpkse la terime kenyataan. Yg sedey nye ape yg de dlm hp tue nsb bek gambo aisy yg da latest smpat transfer..Redha je la……

Disebbkn sedih ya amat…ibu nangis2 dpan ibu mmg x pndang muke aisy sbb ibu th klo ibu pndang je muke aisy msti sedih ibu trubat…so disbbkn nk layan perasaan sedey tue ibu dduk je tnpa pedulikn aisy…ibu th aisy pndang je ibu mebi x prnah tgk ibu die nangis camtu kn…sblm tue mser baba dukung die n baba brckp ngan ibu aisy pegang mate ibu seolah2 cam nak lapkn airmata ibu….pastu baba ltakkn aisy ats sofa sblah ibu…n aisy trus naik ats paha ibu n kepale die sondol kat muke ibu means nak kiss ibu…ooohhh trharu sgt…trus sedih tue trubat…jap pastu die merangkak n pndang ibu trus trsengih n ketawe….oooohhh aisy dh ubt kesdihan ibu…thanks aisy…

~Happy Burfday To Me~

30th Nov la penamat tuk bln Nov n this day gak hr plg brmakne buat diriku. So smlm genap la umo aku 25thn…dh makin tua dh…huhu. Bersyukur sgt atas kurniaan Allah yg Maha Besar krne tlh menganugerahkn aku hidup yg begitu indah inie..mmg kdg2 hidup inie ader turun naik nye tp aku brsyukur ats segalenye yg dr hari ke hari menambah segale pengalaman dn kenangan2 bt kite…dn juge mnganugerahkn aku seorg suami yg sgt understanding n loving dan seorg baby bt mase skrg yg sgt mncuit hati dn naluri seorg ibu. Huhu jiwang karat.

Thanks ye baba susah2 je dtg City Square nie nak wat surprise kat ibu…tp best la cite Twilight tue ek. Blk2 umah bkak pintu blk ade plak sekor barney ats katil ngah pegang kad n ferrero roche..isshhh susah2 je baba hbskn duit tuk tue sume..ibu tak hrpkn tue sume…wish pn dah ckup. Rser brsalah plak kat baba sbb sblm rayer baba dah bg advance present yg amat brharge bt ibu so x payah la baba nak susah2 lg…ibu pun just bg little present je kat baba…nak bg adiah yg baba suke tue not enough money lg la baba.