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Saturday, December 5, 2009

~Your Baby's Developing Brain~

Each brain, like each child, is unique. Here are some findings by researchers that may help you with developing your baby's brain:

  • Your baby may make sounds such as "ba," "ma" and "ga." Sometimes parents think these sounds mean more than they do. Wait. Soon your baby will attach a meaning to the sounds she makes.
  • Talk to your baby often. This will help her learn to use sounds.
  • Being in a safe and loving place helps your baby to learn. Toys bought in stores are not needed. Playing with pots and pans can be just as much fun. Playing with simple things is just as good for your baby's development.
  • Praising your baby's good behavior is good for both of you. Show her that you like the way she is acting. This will help her do more things you like.
  • When you take her to new places, your baby will want to reach for new objects that she sees. She is not trying to misbehave. Plan ahead and bring a favorite toy when you go out with her.

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