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Friday, November 27, 2009


Weekend last week…ktorg bwk aisy g playground kat Bandar Dato’ On kat area umah ktorg coz kat ctu takde org..hehe so leh la aisy men puas2 ape yg die suke. Tp ble smpai je sne kat area phase I dah ader org duduk…so ktorg pe lg msuk je entrance trus melencong ke sane la survey ape yg ptut. Mostly rumah ngah renovate so x ramai sgt yg dah duduk…huhu jelesnye. Ble tgk msg2 renovate itu ini so ktorg nie lg la teruja discuss tuk renovate umah ktorg. Aku pn ape lg search la itu ini utk mnjamu mate..stakat mnjamu mate je la...nak bt btl2 x dpt kan.Dan dpt la skit2 hslnye so copy la gambo2 yg rser ikut themed leh jdkn idea tuk design kat umah sndri nnt.

Living Hall.

Ant design console tv.

Plaster Ceiling.


Bedroom design nie suke2 je tgk tp th x kan dpt wat camni.huhu.


Kitchen Cabinet.

Nie yg plg best coz akn hbskn duit kat cni plg byk so kne pikio lbh bab nie.

Brckp psl kitchen cabinet nie penat skit pikio. Is it Aluminium kitchen cabinet with solid-surface tabletop cost highly?? Huhu..penat fikir adekah sbb supplier tue mmg ade name ooorrrr type tue yg mmg mahal? Coz for me it’s waste if we spend more just for kitchen cabinet but for my husband quality is important. Yes, that’s right but maybe we can find same quality with lower price. Tp masalahnye die x mau cr dah tmpat lain...katenye takkan dpt quality yg camtu coz supplier tue dah proven….ble aku suggest kter cri supplier yg direct wat tabletop coz manufacturer tue just specialized tuk aluminium kitchen cabinet je..mcm sorg kwn die just spend tuk aluminium kitchen cabinet rm5k coz tabletop hired ngan contractor lain n just bt tiles tabletop je. Yerla kot2 tabletop kat ctu lg mahal compared klo direct amik dr kilang or supplier tuk tabletop tp ade lg jwbnye…katenye tabletop nie standard sume amik dr kilang fabricate tabletop je so mne2 supplier pong akn amik dr kilang tue…aduhhh…psl tue I pn ade bce tp try la kot2 mne2 supplier leh bg murah…jwbnye lg takut supplier yg kte hire nnt quality x ok…buat cincai2 je..aduhhh mcm2 la..yerla2 klo hati dah brkenan tue takleh nak ckp apaaa daaa. Tp tue la aku brusahe gak tuk proof kat die…huhu. Tak tahu cane nak proof kat die coz bleh la save skit budget tue so leh la spend tuk other things cam toiletries ke grill ke. Penat godek2 n browse website itu ini nak cr bhn bukti nie tp mostly just ckp psl spec. Takkan ler aku nak p merate cr supplier nie..hehe. Tp kenape aku lbh2 plak nie kan?? Dah die yg nk byr lantak die la kan tp tue la takut menyesal kemudian hari..dah menyesal takleh nak ckp ape dahhhh.

Info psl aluminium kitchen cabinet...

Aluminium is a soft, durable, lightweight, malleable metal which is commonly and widely used as an ideal material for buildings, constructions and furnishings, in both industrial and residential.

The advantages of aluminium furnishing are:

- Rust-proof

- Resistant to corrosion, abrasion and moisture

- Free from termites troubles

- Easy and hassle-free maintenance

- Versatile available in various designs, colours and dimensions – basically tailored made to fit to the space available and to suit your personal taste

- Environmental friendly – can be recycled and helps in forest conversation (by reducing logging)

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